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Cpdevice2023 Big Event, Let's Learn About and Experience It Together!

As 2023 approaches its conclusion, CPDEVICE has continued to focus on your business needs, striving to provide the most suitable software and hardware solutions. We have worked diligently to quickly resolve any issues you encounter and have done our utmost to offer professional assistance and support for the development of your business. Below is a summary of the major events of CPDEVICE in 2023. Let's see how many you are aware of and have experienced. Are you satisfied with CPDEVICE's performance this year?

01 Are you satisfied with the newly upgraded software solutions in 2023?

CPDEVICE has evolved from 1 to N, creating rich and user-friendly soft power. It constantly enhances the coverage, advanced architecture, and stability of software solutions, responding to customers' needs for rapid iterations of software products.

CPDEVICE's technology introduces virtual terminal technology based on the ISOBUS 11783 standard.

CP ISOBUS VT can connect to all agricultural machinery supporting this standard, aiming to control agricultural tools directly from CPDEVICE's onboard smart tablet. CP ISOBUS VT offers several advantages:

  • Highly optimized cost: Transforming the high cost of buying individual controllers for different models to using a single CPDEVICE onboard smart tablet for all functionalities.
  • Enhanced user experience: CP ISOBUS VT reduces and eliminates delays and downtimes caused by protocol conversion, optimizing control and adjustment of agricultural tools.
  • Improved compatibility: One CPDEVICE smart hardware in the cabin can control multiple tools and applications.
  • Real-time information sharing: CP ISOBUS VT enables real-time sharing of information between onboard smart tablets and vehicle electrical equipment.


CPDEVICE launches CP AVM 360° Panoramic Surround View Imaging

CPDEVICE launches CP AVM 360° panoramic surround view imaging, a safety feature for specialized vehicles. Unlike standard reversing cameras, it includes multiple 190° ultra-wide-angle AI smart cameras at the front and sides of the vehicle. These cameras provide a 360-degree panoramic view around the vehicle on the onboard display, enhancing environmental perception. The system uses virtual scene reconstruction technology to offer various views, including top, front, rear, and combined perspectives, culminating in a seamless bird's-eye view of the surroundings.


CPDEVICE introduces an upgraded CPComm: A service-oriented, cross-process high-speed bus architecture.

CPComm, a proprietary bus system, enables easy secondary development. It includes modules for industry protocols, basic protocols, data links, and ports, facilitating bidirectional data flow.

The new CPComm transitions from "component-oriented" to "service-oriented", with a dedicated service process handling interactions with SocketCAN and MCU CAN, thereby improving system performance and reliability. This local service-based approach significantly enhances computational efficiency.

CPComm clients retain their original programming style, with the server handling model protocol component selection. This unified interface simplifies operations. The new CPComm service facilitates data exchange with multiple clients, including Java and C++ layers, enabling multi-process computing and optimal use of CPU multi-core resources.

Congping MDM launches important functions such as SIM card management, remote real-time debugging, and remote offline upgrade push.

In 2023, CPDEVICE updates MDM with features like SIM card management, remote real-time debugging, and remote offline upgrade push. Key functionalities include:

  • SIM card management with card management, intelligent diagnostics, and group management.
  • Remote real-time debugging for onboard operation checks and maintenance without debugging lines.
  • Boot screen remote push, enabling quick modification of boot screens with images, animations, and videos.
  • Remote upgrade capabilities for system firmware, MCU firmware, and application software.
  • Offline push for major firmware/application updates or new application installations, ensuring timely software upgrades regardless of device connectivity.


02 Are you satisfied with CPDEVICE's newly upgraded hardware solutions in 2023?

In 2023, CPDEVICE significantly enhanced its hardware capabilities. It achieved high reliability and stability in in-vehicle and wireless communications with direct, lightning-speed connectivity. The audio-visual capabilities have made a breakthrough, supporting up to 8 cameras for 360° surround view, easily meeting the requirements of autonomous driving. Moreover, the main control chip with powerful computing capabilities allows customers to face and step into the future.

CPDEVICE's New Flagship Products: Spring 10 PRO Gen2, Spring 10 Plus Gen2, and APOLLO 12PRO Make a Grand Entrance

Equipped with a high-speed processor with powerful computing capabilities.

  • Boasts 1T computing power, including an independent 0.8T computing power NPU; large capacity for multitasking greatly improves memory read/write performance.
  • High-resolution bright display screens, supporting up to 1280*800 high-definition bright screens, delivering an ultimate sensory experience.
  • Stable CAN bus capabilities under high pressure, supporting up to 4 lanes of 250K/500K CAN or SocketCAN bus (J1939, CANopen, ISO15765), seamlessly integrating into vehicle systems, achieving balanced loading across four cores, with high-speed transmission +70% load without frame loss.
  • Supports centimeter-level high-precision positioning with MXT906B, UM980, P20E, and UM982, enabling real-time high-precision positioning of devices, providing accurate spatiotemporal information for machine operations, and aiding in real-time high-precision tasks.
  • Exceptionally stable 4G/5G communication, utilizing CPDEVICE's Ultra-Link wireless transmission technology. This technology, based on CPDEVICE's proprietary internal antenna and optimized EMI design, ensures high-quality communication signals even in low-density, weak signal coverage areas.
  • Easily accomplish software development with the new generation of CPComm, a cross-process high-speed bus architecture that transitions from "component-oriented" to "service-oriented", adopting local services to significantly improve computational efficiency.
  • Supports CP ISOBUS VT, allowing a single CPDEVICE smart tablet to easily adapt to all agricultural tools under the ISOBUS protocol from different manufacturers.
  • Supports CP AVM 360° panoramic imaging, compatible with up to 8 cameras, providing a solid foundation for visual direction artificial intelligence development.
  • Rich audio-visual entertainment features, borrowing the concept of passenger car multimedia modules, covering all audio-visual scenes with Bluetooth, FM, and USB music playback.
  • Ultimate reliability, ensuring stable operation of in-vehicle smart hardware in various complex working environments, including moisture, dust, sandstorms, rain, vibration, extreme temperatures, humidity, and salt corrosion.


03 Do you know what achievements CPDEVICE made in 2023?

The year's achievements stem from customer affirmation and market recognition. Continuing to forge ahead with a customer-centric focus is CPDEVICE's unwavering commitment. CPDEVICE believes that persistence is the key to success.

CPDEVICE Spring Series Production Surpasses 100,000 Units

In July 2023, the Spring series reached the sales target of over 100,000 units. The production and shipment of the 100,000th Spring series device mark a victory in the market and signifies customer recognition of CPDEVICE's products and services. The Spring series embodies the efforts of many at CPDEVICE. Adhering to the core values of "customer-centricity and valuing the dedicated," we have gained recognition and achieved success. CPDEVICE will continue to be market-oriented, enhancing product performance and usability without increasing resource consumption, constantly upgrading and iterating, and pursuing a path of green development.

Participation in the World's Largest Agritechnica Show in Hanover, Spreading CPDEVICE's Presence Throughout

The Agritechnica 2023, the world's largest agricultural machinery show, opened on November 12, 2023, local time. CPDEVICE, in partnership with its European regional partner OMSI, made its debut at Agritechnica 2023, showcasing the latest in agricultural machinery intelligence software and hardware products such as Apollo 12 Pro, Spring 10 Plus Gen2, Spring 10 Pro Gen2, CP ISOBUS VT, and CP AVM 360° panoramic imaging. Exhibitors and visitors could easily notice CPDEVICE's solutions at several booths, indicating widespread international support and recognition for CPDEVICE. The goal of CPDEVICE is to eventually have its presence in every exhibition hall in Hanover.

CPDEVICE Honored as an Innovative SME in Shenzhen

On September 10, 2023, Shenzhen CPDEVICE Technology Co., Ltd. was honored as an Innovative Small and Medium-Sized Enterprise in Shenzhen. Previously, the Beijing parent company, Beijing CPDEVICE Technology Co., Ltd., had received the honor of being a specialized, refined, distinctive, and innovative SME in Beijing. CPDEVICE is firmly committed to developing the enterprise and is confident in elevating CPDEVICE to greater heights.

04 Reflecting on CPDEVICE's Five-Year Journey, Are You Ready to Walk into the Next Five Years with CPDEVICE?

Over five years, CPDEVICE has dedicatedly worked in the field of human-machine interaction software and hardware solutions, achieving modest successes that have met societal expectations. As mentioned in a letter written to the CPDEVICE team on the fifth anniversary:

"CPDEVICE Technology is not just a company, but a mission of great significance. You have consistently worked towards transitioning traditional machinery to full automation. This endeavor is not just a technological innovation but a significant contribution to human society. Your technology is transforming our lives, making work more efficient, life more convenient, and the future more sustainable.

In the past five years, you have experienced growth, pain, the pandemic, and changes in the external environment. The unwavering constant has been your relentless pursuit of excellence and a dedicated work ethic. Your R&D team has been exploring the frontiers of technology, driving the industry forward. Your team's collaboration, filled with passion and creativity, has led to remarkable breakthroughs."

CPDEVICE started with ordinary steps but is now striding towards the grand vision of 'making everyone equal under the sky,' staying true to its promise through actions. CPDEVICE regards 'organizational vitality' as its core competitive strength, constantly adapting to market and customer needs without losing sight of its 'customer-centric' development approach.

As 2023 comes to a close, CPDEVICE is undergoing an extensive organizational transformation. Centering on customer needs, it is breaking down departmental silos and innovating process-based organizations to maximize internal efficiency, enhance quality control, and ensure customer satisfaction in every process, aiming for an end-to-end closed loop. The effort and dedication of CPDEVICE's team are expected to yield even more satisfying results for customers and the market in the next five years.


CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, with a focus on the intelligent transformation of agriculture, engineering, and logistics machinery. By serving thousands of customers across various industries, CPDEVICE provides specialized software and hardware solutions for the intelligentization of machinery, striving towards the comprehensive intelligent evolution of machines.

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