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CPDEVICE participates in Serbian agricultural event

The 91st Serbia International Agricultural Fair is Taking Place in Novi Sad, the Second Largest City in Serbia

From May 18 to 22, CPDEVICE Technology has meticulously set up a booth in Hall 2, welcoming both new and old friends throughout the day.


01 CPDEVICE Showcases High-end Products, Winning Praise from Customers

At this year's exhibition, CPDEVICE specially showcased the brand-new dual-screen display product, Spring 12 Plus. This product is designed for high-end demands, fundamentally solving core issues such as "complex cockpit control" and "high cost of multiple hosts" in multi-window and multi-application scenarios. The Apollo 12 Plus from CPDEVICE supports both Android and Linux dual systems, offering significant possibilities for in-vehicle application development customers. The Apollo 12 Plus has the following advantages:

  • Dual 12.1-inch high-end large screens supporting dual-screen independent display and touch. One host, dual displays, and multiple applications meet the multi-screen display and interaction needs of actual scenarios, efficiently integrated.
  • Equipped with CPDEVICE's new generation high-computing hardware platform, CPU+GPU+NPU satisfies basic AI algorithms and 2D/3D graphic image computing applications.
  • Supports in-vehicle Ethernet for high bandwidth and low latency data transmission.
  • Supports Android/Linux operating systems, simple and smooth, easy to develop.
  • Supports 4-channel SocketCAN, 4G/5G high-sensitivity wireless communication transmission, and other communication methods.
  • Supports CP ISOBUS VT, CP AVM 360° surround view imaging, and other applications, expanding limitless possibilities.

Also on display were the popular 10-inch full-screen Apollo 10 Plus, the best-selling 10-inch Spring 10 Gen 2, and the richly interfaced Tank Gen 2 control box, among other in-vehicle intelligent products.


The CP ISOBUS VT product also received much attention at this exhibition. Many enterprise customers expressed high expectations for CPDEVICE's ISOBUS-related products. The CP ISOBUS VT has the following advantages:

  • Highly optimized cost: By standardizing communication between agricultural vehicles and implements from different manufacturers, the need for converters is reduced, thereby lowering overall costs.
  • Enhanced user experience: CP ISOBUS VT significantly improves the user experience by reducing latency and downtime and optimizing variable and rate control of implements.
  • Real-time information sharing: Through CP ISOBUS VT, CPDEVICE's rugged intelligent tablets can obtain and process data transmitted between vehicles and implements in real time.
  • Enhanced compatibility: With CP ISOBUS VT tablets, users can control multiple agricultural tools and applications using a single intelligent hardware device in the cabin, increasing compatibility between devices.

02 Close to User Needs, Chinese Enterprises Shine

The Serbia International Agricultural Fair is a comprehensive agricultural exhibition targeting both B2B and B2C audiences. Through this participation, we have gained insights into the real needs of end-users in the European region, which can guide CPDEVICE's future product strategy. Many farmers in Europe showed great interest in integrated solutions for agricultural machinery autonomous driving, as well as strong demand for vision sensing.

With the deepening friendship between China and Serbia and the strengthening of bilateral trade exchanges, Chinese enterprises are frequently appearing at various exhibitions. At this agricultural fair, Chinese agricultural machinery manufacturers and agricultural machinery autonomous driving solution providers, like CPDEVICE, have set up beautifully decorated booths, showcasing China's strength to the world.


CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, focusing on the intelligent transformation of agricultural, engineering, and logistics machinery. CPDEVICE Technology strives to provide professional software and hardware solutions for the intelligent evolution of machinery by serving thousands of industry customers.


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