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An Invitation From CPDEVICE and Its Partner – See You in Hannover

AGRITECHNICA 2023, the Hannover International Agricultural Machinery Exhibition, is set to open its doors from November 12th to November 18th. At this event, CPDEVICE will join forces with deep European market partner to orchestrate the symphony of agricultural intelligence for the global agricultural market.

We sincerely invite you to visit our booth at the exhibition and experience the power of technological advancement. You can find us at HALL 16, STAND G16.

01 AGRITECHNICA, "The World's No.1 Agricultural Machinery Exhibition"

AGRITECHNICA 2023, held in Hannover, Germany, is the world's largest international agricultural machinery exhibition. And also it is the world's leading trade fair for agricultural machinery with all market leaders at one location. The event is organized by the German Agricultural Society (DLG), a top organization in the fields of German agriculture and food. AGRITECHNICA takes place every two years and attracts exhibitors and visitors from all over the world. It provides an excellent opportunity for international collaboration, with renowned manufacturers from across the globe. AGRITECHNICA 2023 has the theme of "Green Productivity" and will feature 23 exhibition halls, covering 400,000 M2, with 2,803 exhibitors from 53 countries.


As a leading company in the global smart agriculture industry, CPDEVICE will attend AGRITECHNICA in collaboration with their deep industry partner, OMSI.

CPDEVICE, a leading company in the global smart agriculture industry


CPDEVICE Technology, established in 2018, focuses on the evolution of traditional mechanical intelligence. It has made significant contributions in various fields, including smart agriculture, digital construction, smart mining, and smart logistics. As a core provider of mechanical intelligence components, CPDEVICE Technology is based in China but serves the world. They are committed to delivering simple, professional, stable, innovative, beautiful, and reliable software and hardware HMI solutions.

OMSI Group, a deep partner of CPDEVICE


OMSI Group was founded in 1959 by Giovanni Soncina, designer of transmission systems and power take-offs. Following success in Italy and Germany, OMSI is now an international company selling worldwide. Partnership, timely assistance, concrete support in the development and management of projects, are the main targets of OMSI worldwide network.

OMSI Technical Advisors, local branches and selected partners assure a rapid contact with the customers anywhere they are to achieve optimal results.

03 CPDEVICE Unveils New Hardware and Software at AGRITECHNICA

At this AGRITECHNICA, CPDEVICE will showcase its highly anticipated new generation of human-machine interaction intelligent tablet products, such as Apollo 12 Pro, Spring 10 Pro Gen2, and Spring 10 Plus Gen2. Moreover, several global customers have already had a sneak peek at CP ISOBUS VT and CP AVM 360° Surround-View Imaging, which will be officially launched at AGRITECHNICA 2023.

New Human-Machine Interaction Intelligent Tablets


l High-end: Equipped with a powerful 1 TOPS processor, Android/Linux dual OS, sleek and responsive.

l User-friendly: Highly optimized CAN bus, supporting up to 4 SocketCAN connections, versatile peripheral connectivity.

l Sensitive: 4G/5G signal performance comparable to smartphones, ensuring communication quality even in low-density and weak signal areas.

l Elegant: High-definition and anti-glare screens with resolutions of 1024x600px/1280x800px, ultra-thin bezel design.

l High-speed: Supports CP-Comm cross-process high-speed bus architecture, greatly improving memory read/write performance, and effortlessly handling large-capacity multitasking.

l Precision Agriculture: Supports CP ISOBUS VT, one device compatible with all VT-equipped agricultural machinery.

l High-definition: Supports up to 8-channel camera input, CP AVM 360° Surround-View Imaging for high-quality, seamless imagery.

l Feature-rich: Incorporates automotive multimedia modules inspired by passenger cars, covering all audio-visual scenarios like Bluetooth, FM, and USB music playback.



CPDEVICE Technology will introduce its ISOBUS-based virtual terminal technology, CP ISOBUS VT, at AGRITECHNICA. All CPDEVICE Technology on-board smart tablets can easily adapt to agricultural machinery with VT functionality, regardless of the manufacturer.


In simple terms, the advantages of CP ISOBUS VT include:

l Highly cost-effective: It replaces the high cost of purchasing controllers for different equipment models with a single CPDEVICE Technology on-board smart tablet.

l Improved user experience: CP ISOBUS VT reduces and eliminates delays and downtime caused by protocol conversions, while optimizing tool variables and rate control.

l Enhanced compatibility: A single CPDEVICE on-board smart hardware in the cab can control multiple tools and applications.

l Real-time information sharing: CP ISOBUS VT enables real-time information sharing between the on-board smart tablet and the vehicle's electrical equipment.

CP AVM 360° Surround-View Image

To meet the real-time image acquisition needs of various future unmanned operations, CP AVM 360° Surround-View Image is introduced with SEAMLESS stitching technology, offering a true 360° panoramic view for clarity and ease of use. In the upcoming smart agriculture applications, using CPDEVICE human-machine interaction smart devices and combining CP MDM remote device management platform will significantly advance agricultural intelligence.


We look forward to meeting industry experts at AGRITECHNICA 2023, where we will create a comfortable environment at Hall 16, Stand G16. Join us for exquisite refreshments and engage in discussions on industry development within this grand event. CPDEVICE will apply its expertise in smart agriculture to benefit the global community.

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