Revolutionizing Cotton Sowing in Xinjiang with CPDEVICE's Cutting-Edge Technology

China stands as a leading global cotton producer, with Xinjiang, its most prolific region, boasting over 80% of the nation's cotton yield and approximately 20% of worldwide production. This remarkable output stems from Xinjiang's exceptional geography and climate.
CPDEVICE's innovative products drive cotton sowing efficiency in Xinjiang, revolutionizing the industry.

The Transformation of Cotton Sowing in Xinjiang 

As April marks the sowing season for Xinjiang's cotton industry, CPDEVICE dispatches skilled technicians to assist customers in the field. Cotton sowing has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, with GNSS-powered autopilot machinery replacing traditional, manually-operated tractors. These versatile all-in-one tractors excel in raking, fertilizing, sowing, and laying drip irrigation belts, delivering meticulously aligned plants with heightened efficiency, saving both labor and resources.

CP's Innovative Products for Intelligent Machinery 

CPDEVICE's innovative products are integral to these intelligent machines. Committed to propelling precision agriculture, CPDEVICE provides professional, user-friendly solutions. CPDEVICE's hardware delivers centimeter-level accuracy for positioning and navigation and supports various wireless communications, including WiFi, 4G, and Bluetooth. This enables agricultural tractors to operate with remarkable efficiency.

Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Tablets for the Toughest Conditions 

Our vehicle-mounted tablets undergo rigorous testing to ensure they withstand the harshest conditions, including extreme vibrations, shocks, water, dust, power fluctuations, and temperature extremes. Equipped with a high-brightness display, these devices remain readable even in direct sunlight. Compatible with both Android and Linux, our tablets empower customers to develop custom applications to suit their needs.

Dominating the Agricultural Auto-Steering Market

Now, over 90% of Xinjiang's cotton sowing relies on machines equipped with auto-steering systems, significantly enhancing productivity during the spring sowing and planting season. CPDEVICE has dominated the agricultural auto-steering market in mainland China for three consecutive years, boasting a market share exceeding 60%. Our customers have achieved outstanding results over this period.
We take pride in our ability to address our customers' challenges and support their growth. Moving forward, we will maintain our focus on precision agriculture and continue refining our products to meet evolving industry demands.
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