4 Tips on How to Select the Best Intelligent Hardware for Your Vehicles


You may be selecting hardware for your own smart vehicle solutions as the new year begins. However, you are very likely to feel overwhelmed and unsure what to choose among diverse brands and product models. To help you choose the best product, we have sorted out the four most important factors that you must consider.


1. Product Performance


Your first and most important consideration should be the performance of the product, which must be capable of meeting all the application scenarios you might encounter. Currently, as industry application development becomes more complex and professional, the demand for higher computing power, faster communication, and stronger processing capabilities also increases.

CP has been adhering to premium product strategy and in 2022 we've launched a lot of industry leading products, including Apollo Gen2 and Tank2, which have been winning trust and great reputation from our customers.

  • Powerful Performance: It features a 1TOPS CPU with an independent 0.8T NPU for artificial intelligence applications. Meanwhile, it has greatly improved GPU performance to meet the needs of real-time 2D/3D graphics applications.
  • Rich SKU: Our vehicle-mounted tablets come in a variety of sizes, including 7", 8", 10", and 12", and are compatible with Android and Linux operating systems. Our customers will be able to select products more easily. Meanwhile, the Tank series embedded box computers can better meet the demands of smart logistics and transportation applications.
  • Vehicle-level Design: A number of rigorous reliability tests have been conducted on CP's smart vehicle hardware. The products have also been designed to adapt to complex operating environments such as extreme temperatures, direct sunlight, and severe vibration.
  • Application Development Made Easy: In 2022, we launched CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture, which allows our customers to finish their applications in four steps, which greatly enhances their efficiency and allows them to focus on their business.
  • Easy Control with MDM Platform: CP Mobile Device Management system is a software platform tailored specifically for CP’s intelligent vehicle hardware, which makes it easy to manage mobile devices remotely, including remote technical support, remote fault diagnosis, and remote mobile device management.


2.Industry Application Experience

Many hardware manufacturers lack comprehensive knowledge of the customer industry, resulting in inaccurate product definitions and configurations. Most of the time, the products you buy have insufficient core configurations and redundant edge configurations. After purchase and application, you are disappointed with the performance of the products, and you waste a great deal of money.

As a result, in addition to considering high-quality performance, the configuration of the product and environmental requirements should also be taken into consideration. As well as the first product roadmap geared towards ultimate performance, CP has also been cultivating a second "Green Roadmap" strategy which strives to enhance product performance while reducing costs, while delivering the highest quality products possible.

In 2021, CP launched the first generation of Spring series products. In 2022, in response to market demands and customer feedback, CP introduced the 10" Spring GEN2 product, which has already been one of the market's star products. The Pro version of Spring GEN2 will be introduced in 2023, and we will continue the practice of green development strategy.


3.Brand and Reputation

A number of brands and product models are available on the market. If you search for "smart vehicle hardware" online, you will discover many companies that offer similar products. We once heard from a customer who spent nearly half a year searching for companies that could develop and optimize the product that they needed for an advanced artificial intelligence project. The "stuck neck" problem was finally resolved when they met CP. This is also something we often discuss. Purchasing an industry application product involves more than simply purchasing the hardware itself; you are also purchasing the brand reputation and the team of experts behind it.

Since its establishment in 2018, CP has been dedicated to the intelligent transformation of traditional machinery. The company has accumulated rich industry application experience in various industries by providing products to 130+ customers in over 30 countries around the world in different industries. CP has been ranked first in mainland China for many years in the market share for auto-steering farming since 2019.


4.Product Quality Assurance

The rapid upgrade of products and technological innovation is only a good start, and the production and quality assurance of products are the top priorities of follow-up work. To ensure stability and reliability of each batch of products, CP has established a comprehensive set of quality control methods and guarantee systems.

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