With the rapid development of digital technology, the traditional operating model of mining trucks is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. As a k" />

Mine Car's Right-Hand Man: CPDEVICE's Rugged Vehicle-Mounted Intelligent Device

With the rapid development of digital technology, the traditional operating model of mining trucks is undergoing a revolutionary transformation. As a key component of mining enterprise operations, mining trucks need to adapt to new demands, achieving more intelligent, efficient, and safer services.

01 Problems with Traditional Mining Truck Operations and Solutions from Intelligent Mining Trucks

Mining trucks, as the core assets of mining enterprises, play a vital role in the transportation and disposal tasks in mines. However, traditional mining truck operations face numerous issues. For example, they rely on manual scheduling, which lacks flexibility; equipment malfunctions impact production; attendance tracking is inefficient; and there are irregularities in driver operations. These issues not only affect the operational efficiency of mining trucks but also increase the management costs of enterprises.

In response to these challenges, the adoption of in-vehicle intelligent devices has become a pressing necessity. These devices can resolve issues related to mining truck scheduling, equipment malfunctions, and driver operations, thereby saving on human resources and management costs. Intelligent mining trucks, equipped with automated or semi-automated driving capabilities, can significantly enhance safety and efficiency in mining operations. They are able to remotely monitor driving trajectories, driver actions, and attendance, and utilize data from the equipment to remotely control and flexibly direct mining trucks and excavators, reducing labor and management costs.

02 CPDEVICE Rugged In-Vehicle Intelligent Devices: An Ideal Choice for Smart Mining Trucks

CPDEVICE rugged in-vehicle intelligent devices are the ideal solution in this context. Their robust hardware performance and exceptional application capabilities make them the perfect choice for smart mining trucks.

CPDEVICE's devices are exceptionally durable. The new generation of APOLLO and TANK series products boast IP67 or higher protection, excellent sealing performance, and can fully withstand the challenges of dust in mining environments. Equipped with gigabit Ethernet and 5G modules, they ensure communication quality even in low-density and weak signal coverage areas. With a high computing power of 1T, they meet various computational demands during mining truck assistance, including real-time pathfinding, driver operation information, equipment monitoring and management, and remote vehicle scheduling.

Moreover, the new generation products from CPDEVICE have a working temperature range of -30°C to +70°C and a storage temperature range of -40°C to +85°C, ensuring normal operation in both high and low-temperature environments. Their high-precision, centimeter-level positioning can achieve accuracy within ±2.5 cm. Supporting CP AVM 360° surround view imaging, they address blind spots in mining truck driving, driver operation issues, and offer extensive expandability.

Currently, the national focus on safety in mining enterprises and the digital development of mines is intensifying. The widespread application of smart mining trucks will have a profound impact on the development of the entire mining industry. By addressing issues of safety and automation in mining trucks, significant improvements can be made in the safety and efficiency of the mining industry, reducing the resource and human resource costs for enterprises.

CPDEVICE rugged in-vehicle intelligent devices, with their outstanding performance and applications, are becoming an indispensable ally in the new era of smart mining trucks. They not only improve the operational efficiency of mining trucks but also bring more intelligent, efficient, and safer services to enterprises.


CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, focusing on the intelligent transformation of sectors such as agriculture, engineering, and logistics machinery. Serving thousands of industry clients, CPDEVICE Technology provides professional software and hardware solutions for the intelligent advancement of machinery, striving for the comprehensive intelligent evolution of machines.

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