CP AVM 360° Panoramic Surround View Solution

The Agritechnica 2023 in Hanover, Germany, has recently concluded successfully. CPDEVICE made a significant impression at the exhibition with a series of products and solutions, particularly with the CP AVM 360° Surround View Imaging, responding to the market's demand for upgraded visual sensing applications.

01 What is 360° Surround View Imaging?

CP AVM 360° Surround View Imaging is a safety feature for special vehicles. Unlike standard rearview cameras, its essence lies in the addition of multiple 190° ultra-wide-angle AI smart cameras with algorithms on the front and sides of the vehicle. This setup allows drivers to see a 360-degree panoramic fusion around the car on the onboard display. It senses the vehicle's surroundings and uses virtual scene projection reconstruction technology to provide multiple views including top view, front and rear angle view, forward/reverse view, and other virtual viewpoint images. After image distortion correction and perspective transformation, it forms a seamless, complete bird's-eye panoramic view around the vehicle.

360° Surround View Imaging is a fundamental capability of lightweight AI in specific industries.

In mining machinery, operators can observe the environment around the mining truck in real-time, avoiding dangers like collisions, sinkholes, road hazards, and operational risks in extreme conditions.

This application is also crucial in agriculture. In recent years, incidents like "Elderly person in Zhoukou, Henan, dies after being caught in a rotary tiller while picking peanuts" have been frequent. During the harvest season, the abundance of people and vehicles, if not managed carefully, leads to blind spots, unnecessary accidents, uneven harvesting, and wastage, all of which are effectively addressed by the 360° Surround View Imaging.

Furthermore, in fields like mechanical control, autonomous driving, drones, and smart ports, the 360° Surround View Imaging is set to play a significant role.

02 CP AVM 360° Surround View Imaging and Solutions

To address vehicle blind spots, various solutions have been proposed by companies, including rearview mirrors, voice alerts during driving, reversing radar systems, visible radar systems, reversing cameras, split-screen surround view, and stitched 360° surround view displays.

Beyond the basic functionality of 360° surround view imaging, CP AVM also features a highly scalable advanced driver-assistance system (ADAS). It can be combined with various applications as per the need of the situation. In dangerous situations like lane departure, imminent collision, or blind-spot avoidance, it can automatically recognize and timely alert, significantly reducing the accident rate.

During its development, CPDEVICE consistently focused on market demands, aiming to reduce accidents such as scrapes and collisions in operations involving large vehicles with wide blind spots, such as mining trucks and agricultural machinery.

CP AVM utilizes a 3D 360° panoramic surround view system for vehicle assistance and is equipped with CPDEVICE's rugged in-vehicle intelligent tablet. Four high-definition cameras installed around the vehicle capture images that are processed for distortion correction, image stitching, and color balancing by the main system, ultimately creating a 3D bird's-eye view displayed on the vehicle's tablet. Besides displaying the bird's-eye view of the vehicle, it also shows the real-time footage from the cameras, with the view angle moving according to the driving trajectory and adjusting the split-screen content automatically based on driving behavior. CPDEVICE's rugged in-vehicle intelligent tablet, embedded with an SDK, eliminates the need for additional control boxes, allowing multi-purpose use of a single display and saving costs.

It can record real-time forward driving scenes and driver's behavior, clearly showing whether the driver is following the set route. If the fleet operates in shifts over long hours in complex, crowded construction sites, the system can be expanded with a warning monitor system. When someone approaches the vehicle, it sounds an alarm to warn of the danger, alerting the driver to nearby pedestrians, thus enhancing operational safety, identifying safety hazards in time, and not only solving problems encountered during the operation of large machinery but also improving work efficiency.

Vehicles equipped with CP AVM and CPDEVICE's rugged in-vehicle intelligent tablet can connect to the entire vehicle's automation system. This helps in industries like agriculture and mining machinery to improve work efficiency in unmanned or semi-automated scenarios. Equipped with CPDEVICE's MDM device platform, it provides a comprehensive monitoring solution of both software and hardware.

In this rapidly changing era, with the noticeable development in the automation of most industries, CPDEVICE's complete human-machine interaction solutions, including the CP AVM 360° Surround View Imaging, can help clients overcome complex challenges, bringing economic benefits and safety assurance to end-users.



CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, focusing on the intelligent transformation of agriculture, engineering, and logistics machinery as its development direction. Serving thousands of industry customers, CPDEVICE Technology provides professional software and hardware solutions for the intelligent advancement of machinery, striving for the comprehensive intelligent evolution of machines.

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