Introducing APOLLO GEN2 - The Most Revolutionary Vehicle Mount Computer Ever Created

The APOLLO GEN2 vehicle mount computer was revealed to the world on October 24, 2022, at the esteemed Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany. This exciting new product line, which includes 7-inch and 12-inch models, was officially launched five days later at the CPDC 2022 Developers Conference. Known for its impressive performance and sleek design, the APOLLO GEN2 has already begun to make waves in the industry. Let's delve into the standout features of this new-generation vehicle mount computer.

01 High Performance Next-Generation Processor

The processor within the APOLLO GEN2 is equipped with 1 TOPS of computing power and an independent NPU with 0.8 TOPS, which are suitable for applications that require entry-level artificial intelligence. The GPU has been enhanced to support hard encoding, decoding, and hardware acceleration. Furthermore, it supports OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.2 and Vulkan, thus meeting the needs of customers working on real-time 3D graphics rendering and visual processing.
When compared to its predecessors, the APOLLO GEN2 shows marked improvements in performance. It operates at nearly six times the efficiency of the first-generation APOLLO products, and it exhibits a more than 20% improvement over the APOLLO Pro.

02 CP-Comm Component-Based Bus Architecture

The APOLLO GEN2 is not just about hardware advancements; it also introduces significant improvements in software with the CP's component-based high-speed bus architecture. This structure enables data to flow in both directions, with the smart APP and the operating equipment serving as data transceivers.
The CP-Comm consists of four layers: the middle application protocol layer, the basic protocol layer, the data link layer, and the port layer. It's high-performing, cross-platform, component-based, and easy to integrate. This framework allows customers to select matching software components based on the optional hardware platform, enabling a quick and efficient four-step connection process. This ease of use allows application developers to focus more on their unique business logic, improving overall product development efficiency, scalability, and stability.

03 Enhanced Communication Capabilities

As data transmission requirements increase, the APOLLO GEN2 has responded with substantial upgrades in communication. These include:
•    5G communication support
•    An integrated Ultra-Link antenna that ensures reliable communication in areas with low signal coverage
•    Support for Gigabit Ethernet, which is beneficial for industrial applications requiring high-volume data transmission, such as multi-channel HD video transmission
• Compatibility with CAN and CAN FD

04 Thoughtful Product Design

In addition to performance enhancements, the APOLLO GEN2 also brings improvements to the equipment's structure and aesthetics.
•    Upgraded from IP65 to IP66, it can now be utilized in a wider range of applications
•    It features the industry's leading full anti-glare screen
•    Despite its slim design (a mere 30+mm thickness), it maintains high reliability
The APOLLO GEN2 vehicle mount computer is indeed an advancement worth exploring. We invite you to experience the nuanced improvements in performance, design, and functionality. Reach out to us to uncover more features and advancements of the APOLLO GEN2.
Experience APOLLO GEN2 – Going beyond the ordinary.
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