CPDEVICE's TANK Series: Empowering Bridge Monitoring Systems

As urban transportation infrastructure expands, bridges have become essential for smooth city operations. With time and increased loads, bridge structures face safety challenges, making effective monitoring crucial for traffic safety and facility stability.
Modern bridges require advanced monitoring systems to ensure their safety and longevity.
Bridge monitoring systems address these challenges by providing real-time tracking, damage identification, and structural assessments, meeting modern cities' high standards for safety and efficiency. These systems detect potential hazards and offer a scientific basis for maintenance, repairs, and management decisions, reducing accidents and boosting overall efficiency.

01 TANK Series: Taking Bridge Monitoring to New Heights

CPDEVICE's TANK series intelligent embedded box computers are integrated into a leading Chinese bridge monitoring solution. This comprehensive system includes sensors, data acquisition units, communication networks, data processing and analysis platforms, and user interfaces. The TANK series serves as the core control equipment, delivering:
Sensors and data acquisition units work together in a bridge monitoring system for comprehensive analysis.
Real-time sensor data collection: TANK works seamlessly with various sensors to collect key data on bridge structures, laying a solid foundation for further data processing and analysis.
Efficient data processing: TANK's remarkable data processing capabilities ensure data accuracy and validity by filtering noise and retaining essential information.
Seamless integration with data platforms: TANK effortlessly transmits processed data to data analysis platforms, enabling real-time updates and allowing managers to make informed decisions.

02 TANK Series: Meeting Rigorous Bridge Monitoring Demands

Bridge monitoring systems require robust central control intelligent hardware to operate in complex environments. CPDEVICE's TANK series boasts excellent protection, reliability, and performance, including:
CPDEVICE's TANK series: the powerful and reliable core control equipment for bridge monitoring systems.
Powerful performance: robust CPU processor for efficient data processing.
High reliability: Up to IP66 protection level, suitable for various challenging environments.
Notable scalability: compatibility with Android 9.0/11.0 and Linux 5.10 operating systems.
Superior communication: 4G/5G capabilities provide uninterrupted signals and fast urban connectivity.
User-friendly software development: CPDEVICE's CP-Comm component-based bus architecture simplifies the process.
Accurate positioning: centimeter-level precision allows real-time monitoring of device locations.
Effective remote management: seamless integration with CPDEVICE's MDM platform for enhanced control.
The rapid advancements in mobile internet, IoT, and big data technologies are driving bridge monitoring systems to become smarter, more integrated, and increasingly platform-based. CPDEVICE's software and hardware solutions play a pivotal role in driving industry progress.
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