Empowering the Future of Transportation with Intelligent Hardware from CPDEVICE

As the global transportation industry expands, the number of vehicles and volume of goods being transported continues to surge. To ensure transportation safety, it's imperative for government agencies to oversee critical details like vehicle schedules and driving routes. At the same time, businesses must keep a watchful eye on their fleets and rapidly dispatch vehicles in real-time to optimize operational and managerial efficiency. To address these complex and ever-evolving demands, smart fleet management has emerged as a cutting-edge solution, rapidly gaining widespread adoption and serving as a beacon of innovation in the transportation industry.


Figure 1: Visualization of the Integration of Smart Fleet Management System


01.Unleashing the Power of Smart Fleet Management with TANK Series Intelligent Box Computer

The TANK series intelligent embedded box computer from CPDEVICE has recently been adopted by a prominent intelligent fleet management system provider in North America to offer intelligent fleet management services to its global customers. The customer's management system is built on the Internet of Vehicles, sensor technology, and GNSS positioning technology, which allows for real-time collection of crucial vehicle information such as engine status, braking system performance, tire pressure, driving trajectory, and driver behavior. The CANbus is integrated with the TANK product for analysis and processing, and the fleet's cloud platform collects data from each TANK device for remote analysis and management. This smart fleet management system significantly improves vehicle efficiency, reduces transportation costs, and prioritizes transportation safety.


Figure 2: Drive Smarter with TANK Series Intelligent Box Computer


The TANK series was selected by a customer for its ability to operate continuously and withstand harsh conditions in the intelligent fleet management system. The customer needed a reliable solution, and the TANK series' strong performance, high integration, and scalability made it the ideal choice. The customer's recognition of the TANK series' capabilities highlights CPDEVICE's dedication to delivering quality products.


Figure 3: Transforming Fleet Management: TANK Series Intelligent Box Computer Joins the Ranks


  • Strong Performance: Equipped with a powerful CPU processor, the TANK series offers robust data computing and processing capabilities with up to 1T of computing power and support for 0.8TNPU.

  • Scalability: The TANK series supports both Android 9.0/11.0 and Linux 5.10 operating systems, and has excellent platform secondary development capabilities, making it highly scalable.

  • Easy Software Development: Customers can quickly and easily complete software development on the TANK series.

  • Superb Bus Communication: The TANK series has excellent CAN bus capability, supporting 250K/500K CAN and up to 8M CAN FD bus, enabling seamless connectivity to the truck system and meeting various data transmission requirements on the bus.

  • 4G/5G Communication: The TANK series has a powerful 4G/5G communication capability, ensuring a constant signal in remote areas and delivering fast communication speeds in urban areas.

  • High-Precision Positioning: The TANK series supports centimeter-level high-precision positioning and real-time monitoring of device location information.

  • Remote Management and Control: The TANK series integrates with the MDM remote management and control platform from CPDEVICE, offering excellent remote control and management capabilities.

  • Vehicle Control Assistance: The TANK series supports analog 0-5V detection and provides technical support for vehicle control.


02.The Future of Smart Transportation is Here: TANK Series Intelligent Box Computer Leads the Way

As the technology for smart transportation continues to advance, CPDEVICE's solutions are well-positioned to meet the needs of various applications, such as smart public transportation, smart passenger transportation, and smart school buses. CPDEVICE's software and hardware solutions are well suited for the growing smart transportation market, with its vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware acting as the "central nerve" of the system, processing real-time information, and the MDM management and control platform analyzing and managing vehicle information, with the ability to send cloud-based instructions to the device.

Figure 4: Maximizing Fleet Performance with Software & Hardware Solutions from CPDEVICE


CPDEVICE combines intelligent vehicle hardware and remote control platform to meet current industry needs and pave the way for future human-computer interaction in the transportation industry. The company seeks to gain valuable experience and insight by serving its customers in the smart transportation market, using its strengths to overcome barriers and deliver professional and reliable products and services.

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