CP Powers Intelligent Machine Control

At the beginning of 2023, one of CP's Italian customers officially introduced the application of CP's premium Apollo 8 Pro series products in its machine control solution. The customer's application scenarios are complicated, and the machine equipment often needs to work continuously for more than 7 days. Apollo 8 Pro won the customer's trust with its stable quality and excellent performance.

Figure 1: CP Italian customer's intelligent machine control solution powered by Apollo 8 Pro


High-precision GNSS positioning and sensor matrix are used in the system to acquire and transfer real-time information obtained from satellites and sensors to the Apollo 8 Pro intelligent hardware. The information is analysed, calculated and displayed on the screen. The driver simply needs to click on the screen to send instructions to the machine. As a result, field workers do not have to perform repeated measurements and verifications during the entire process. It not only greatly enhances accuracy and minimizes dependence on drivers' skills, but also adapts to more complex operation scenarios, including underwater operations and night operations. The solution greatly reduces construction costs and increases efficiency.


01.Powerful APOLLO 8 PRO

CP's Apollo 8 Pro premium vehicle-mounted tablet offers a high-performance vehicle-level solution with centimeter-level positioning, a variety of I/O interfaces and the capability to handle complex operating environments such as high temperatures and strong vibrations, making it an ideal solution for intelligent machine control.

  • Powered by Octa-core powerful processor with strong computing power and graphics processing capabilities;

  • Multi-button design provides more flexibility and possibilities;

  • Support the CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture for easy software development;

  • Support multiple high-speed CAN buses;

  • IP65 waterproof and dustproof design.


Figure 2: CP's Apollo 8 Pro premium tablet supports the transformation of machine control


02.CP Powers the Whole Process of Machine Control Automation

As machine operations become more intelligent and automated in the future, CP's vehicle-mounted hardware will serve as the "brain" of the entire process. Through cloud data calculations through the construction design, the construction team generates an execution plan, and the generated instructions are sent to each link for execution. Managers only need to monitor and control the entire project in the monitoring room as the machine automatically returns real-time data to the cloud.

Figure 3: Whole operation process of machine control automation


With a focus on the HMI field, CP has spared no effort in developing new products and technologies which lay the foundation for the company's future development. It will continue to deliver competitive products to meet market needs, serve global customers, and advance the industry in the future.

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