CP's 2022 Annual Review – Product Leading Chapter

There are a lot of challenges and uncertainties in 2022, including the severe epidemic situation, escalating geopolitical conflicts, and global economic recession. In the face of a challenging environment, CP increased investment in new products and new technologies, practiced internal skills, and prepared for the future.

Product strategy at CP is based on "1+1+2+N": "1" stands for MDM mobile device management platform; the first "2" means two hardware platforms; and the second "2" means that all of our products support two operating systems, Android and Linux; and "N" indicates that our product solutions can be used in a variety of settings. This year's TANK 2 and APOLLO GEN2 models feature an all-new processor, which boasts high computing power and exceptional performance, which immediately became market stars. The reliability and performance of SPRING GEN2 have been greatly enhanced, which perfectly meets the requirements of many mature applications. Since MDM was put into commercial use, it has received inquiries from customers from a variety of different industries, and has been successful in solving most pain points associated with human-computer interaction applications. Thanks to all of these excellent products, CP has taken the lead in 2022.


01.Rapid Hardware Product Upgrade


CP continued to innovate in 2022 and released products that led the industry and, in some cases, filled gaps in the market. Their application capabilities meet the specific needs of various industries and operating scenarios.

The TANK 2 intelligent embedded box computer has been available since December 2, 2022. Various industries are experiencing an increase in data transmission and software development complexity at the moment. There is an urgent need for a vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware system that provides powerful performance and fast communication. TANK 2 was developed in response to such demands. The device features a 1T computer, 5G communication capabilities, and high-speed CAN. It is also compatible with CP's mobile device management platform, and with the help of CP-Comm, software development is much easier.


Figure 1: On December 2, 2022, CP launched TANK 2 embedded box computer


On October 24, 2022, APOLLO GEN2 products were unveiled at the Bauma exhibition in Munich, Germany. The APOLLO GEN2 7-inch and 12-inch products were officially released on October 29 during the CPDC 2022 Developers Conference. With its strong performance and stylish design, APOLLO GEN2 has garnered a lot of attention in the industry.

Figure 2: On October 29, 2022, CP launched APOLLO GEN2 revolutionary vehicle-mounted tablet


SPRING GEN2 was officially released by CP on September 1. The SPRING series products are designed and developed in accordance with CP's Green Product Roadmap. By improving product definitions and product materials, performance can be enhanced without increasing the cost of the product. Our goal with green development is to continuously improve the performance of our products, even when they are already well developed. With the launch of SPRING GEN2, CP continues to explore human-computer interaction technology and strives to continually improve product experiences.

Figure 3: On September 1, 2022, CP launched the SPRING GEN2, which is the star product of its Green Roadmap product strategy


In response to customer and market needs, CP released two 10-inch radio-version tablets on August 10: APOLLO 10 Pro and SPRING 10. The machine is enhanced and expanded with digital radio wireless communication, giving it more flexibility and stability during actual operation.

Figure 4: On August 10, 2022, CP launched two 10’ radio edition vehicle-mounted tablets


02.MDM Mobile Device Management Platform

The MDM platform was launched by CP on June 11 to address customers' needs for remote management and control of hardware. Three users' pain points can be solved with the MDM platform: FAE no longer has to travel onsite to solve trivials, and they can manage equipment group operations and maintenance via functions such as remote control, real-time image viewing, and firmware upgrades. Using the shell command, software engineers can perform remote debugging; management can monitor the distribution and operation status of their devices in real-time.

Figure 5: On June 11, 2022, CP unveiled the commercial version of MDM mobile device management platform to the public.


MDM is an industry application platform that is designed for the next generation of human-computer interaction and will deliver supporting technologies and services for remote operation. To facilitate customers' use in different scenarios, two versions of MDM have been launched, one for desktop and one for mobile.


03.Innovative Technologies


In 2022, CP has accumulated a large number of independent technologies in the process of product development. With the release of new products such as TANK 2, APOLLO GEN2 and SPRING GEN2, everyone is familiar with CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture, all-new CoolSink cooling technology and Ultra-Link wireless communication technology. Our products are now even more powerful because of those innovations.

Figure 6: CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture


Based on a rich hardware bus, CP-Comm has realized a composite bus system, and the modular structure of the software is convenient for users to carry out secondary development. The system mainly consists of the industrial protocol module, the basic protocol module, the data link module, and the port module, and the data flow between these modules is bidirectional. CP-Comm enables our customers to select matching software components based on the optional hardware platform, and quickly connect within 4 steps, enabling application developers to focus on their own business logic, thereby improving product development efficiency, scalability, and stability.

Figure 7: CP’s Ultra-Link high-sensitivity wireless communication technology


CP’s Ultra-Link high-sensitivity wireless communication technology uses the built-in antenna to improve the EMI design. It ensures that devices in low-density areas with weak signal coverage can receive high-quality communication signals, greatly improving the user experience in remote areas.

Figure 8: CP’s all-new CoolSink Cooling Technology


Using the original ultra-wide heat dissipation fins, the cooling efficiency of the devices are greatly enhanced with the cooling area enlarged to 22580mm². The new generation of CoolSink cooling technology is enhanced with high-efficiency heat tubes to further improve cooling efficiency. Products with CoolSink design dissipate three times more heat than those without.

As 2022 draws to a close, we look back on the accomplishments of the past year, but we concentrate much more on the future. The new high ground is in sight, and we are already prepared to take it on.


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