All-New TANK 2 Unveiled

The TANK 2 intelligent embedded box computer has been available since December 2, 2022.

Figure 1: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Showcased at CPDC 2022 Developers


As mechanical operations continue to develop towards automation, vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware is widely used in a variety of operation scenarios, including vehicle transportation, energy mining, ship terminals, airport shipping, and high-end manufacturing. The entire automation process relies on vehicle-mounted hardware for data aggregation, processing, and transmission.

Figure 2: TANK2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Autonomous Mining


01.Powerful Performance

Various industries are experiencing an increase in data transmission and software development complexity at the moment. There is an urgent need for a vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware system that provides powerful performance and fast communication. TANK 2 products were developed in response to such demands. In comparison with the vast majority of products on the market, TANK 2 achieves leapfrog progress in performance, software, communication, and appearance. This fully addresses the needs of various operating scenarios in different industries.

Figure 3: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Smart Fleet Management

• Strong Processor Performance

It adopts 1T super computing power processor, built-in independent 0.8T computing power NPU, and supports Vulkan at the same time, to better meet customers' needs for 3D graphics rendering and visual processing;

Figure 4: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Autonomous Construction Machinery

• Superior Software Performance

CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture allows four-step programming, making secondary development easy;

Figure 5: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Smart Warehouse Management

• Ultra-Sensitive Communication

Support 5G communication; Support HMDI external high-definition display; Equipped with ultra-sensitive built-in Ultra-Link antenna, which can ensure high-quality communication quality for devices in low-density and weak signal coverage areas; Support Gigabit Ethernet, Meet multiple industrial application scenarios that require large amounts of data transmission, such as video transmission of multiple high-definition cameras; Support CAN and CAN FD;

Figure 6: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Shipping Logistics

• Innovative Shape Design

It is equipped with the latest CoolSink cooling technology, which combines high-efficiency heat pipes with ultra-wide heat dissipation fins; with an IP66 protection level, the device can be used in more applications.

Figure 7: TANK 2 Embedded Box Computer Applied to Cargo Management


02.Premium, Premium, Premium

It has always been CP's philosophy to stick to a clear and simple product strategy, namely the premium roadmap. In addition to being an empty phrase for bragging, the word Premium is also reflected in every step of product development from scratch to finish, including product positioning, definition, and price.

Figure 8: Roadmap for CP's Hardware Products Development


Our hardware products have two main roadmaps, and the blue one reflects our unwavering commitment to quality and innovation. From APOLLO GEN1 to APOLLO PRO and APOLLO GEN2, and from TANK 1 to TANK 2, all our products reflect continuous efforts in upgrading processor performance, improving communication speed, developing software applications, and designing the best possible product.

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