CPDC 2022 Creates an Open and Inclusive Platform to Share and Exchange HMI Insights

CPDC 2022, CP's first Developer Conference was successfully held in Shenzhen on October 29, 2022. Experts from the industry were invited to share their professional insights on the key challenges encountered during the development and application of 3D and 2D graphics real-time rendering, agricultural robot applications, cellular and cloud communication, CAN bus communication, remote device management, etc. It is to provide a broader range of perspectives for developers.

Figure 1: CPDC 2022 Developer Conference


Dr. Yi Xiang, founder, and CEO of CP Technology Co., Ltd., delivered an opening speech to welcome the developers who attended the event or watched the live broadcast. Dr. Yi introduced that since its establishment in 2018, CPDEVICE has served more than 10 industries, 123 corporate customers, and 118,000 end users from 33 countries across 6 continents. The original intention of CP to organize this conference is to bring developers from all fields of the industry together to share and discuss the problems encountered in the development process. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of everyone, CPDC Developer Conference will become a leading platform for developers in every industry to share and exchange ideas.

Figure 2: Yi Xiang, founder, and CEO of CPDEVICE Technology Co., Ltd., delivered the opening welcome speech


As the first guest to share, Zhang Yun, professor, doctoral supervisor, and director of the department of computer science and technology at Shanghai Ocean University, discussed his research on "The application practice of human-machine interaction and visualization in navigation software". Professor Zhang presented scenarios of navigation applications in agriculture and engineering, and analyzed the difficulties associated with "big data volume, real-time and dynamic changes". During the presentation, Professor Zhang Yun shared how he and his team had developed a high-efficiency real-time drawing and high-definition navigation display with 2D drawing on low-performance hardware. In addition, he introduced using 3D drawing on the CP's APOLLO device to further enhance navigation software capabilities. It provides ideas for developers in autonomous driving navigation.


Figure 3: Zhang Yun, professor and doctoral supervisor of Shanghai Ocean University, shared "The application practice of human-machine interaction and visualization in navigation software"


Fei Zhenghao, co-founder and vice president of Qianmu Zhiwei Technology Co., Ltd., holds a Ph.D. in agricultural engineering from the University of California, Davis, and is a postdoctoral fellow of the University of California, Davis's Bio Automation Lab and Plant AI and Biophysics Lab. In his presentation, Dr. Fei Zhenghao discussed how his team uses robotics and artificial intelligence to provide more efficient and implementable efficiency improvement solutions for fruit and vegetable farming. Dr. Fei believes semi-automatic farming projects utilizing robots and artificial intelligence technology can provide a better alternative to expensive fully automatic equipment to improve the efficiency and quality of agricultural production. Figure 4: Fei Zhenghao, co-founder and vice president of Qianmu Zhiwei Technology Co., Ltd. shared “Opportunities and challenges of robotics and AI technology in fruit and vegetable production”


"Data-Cloud Connection Solution for Outdoor Scenarios," presented by Xu Tao, Alibaba Cloud's IoT network product expert, introduces the typical application scenarios of current IoT data cloud connections, which include farming machines, elevator maintenance, express delivery cabinets, Internet of Vehicles, and live TV. All of these scenarios suffer from poor network connections, scattered devices, and a lack of security and reliability in information transmission. As a result, different approaches are required depending on the situation.

Figure 5: Xu Tao, Alibaba IoT network product expert, shared "Data-cloud connection solution for outdoor scenarios"


At the event, CP's brand-new APOLLO GEN2 rugged 7-inch and 12-inch smart tablets attracted the most attention. APOLLO GEN2 products feature high-performance processors with powerful computing power; 5G communication capabilities; Improved cellular network connectivity in remote areas with responsive Ultra-Link; CAN FD; Full anti-glare display; Ultra-thin design and improved heat dissipation; Enhanced protection with IP66 design, etc., These improvements have led to a significant improvement in overall performance, and it is of great importance to the development of human-machine interaction.

Figure 6: The new APOLLO second-generation products were released at CPDC Developer Conference


At the Bauma Exhibition in Munich, Germany, APOLLO GEN2 products made their debut on October 24. There was also substantial interest from participants on-site and from online audiences at CPDC's release.

Aside from providing its customers with reliable, stable, and powerful hardware products, CP also invests heavily in software solutions. Li Jiong, one of CP's senior software architects, presented the "CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture" which is based on CP's hardware solutions. With the rich physical bus, CP-Comm has implemented a component bus system, and the building block assembly makes it convenient for users to conduct secondary development.

Figure 7: Li Jiong. CP’s senior software architect shared CP-Comm high-speed bus architecture


The CP-Comm enables our customers to select matching software components based on the optional hardware platform, and quickly connect within 4 steps, enabling application developers to focus on their own business logic, thereby improving product development efficiency, scalability, and stability.

Xu Sen, the senior web development engineer at CP, introduces MDM mobile device management platform in detail. MDM is an industrial application platform that is specially designed for the next generation of human-machine interaction. It provides services and technologies to support remote operations. MDM provides comprehensive remote control and remote maintenance solutions for FAEs, developers, and managers. It has been widely welcomed by customers since it was first commercially launched in June 2022. It enables customers to effectively control equipment remotely, diagnose equipment faults remotely, and manage equipment efficiently remotely.

Figure 8: Xu Sen, CP’s senior web development engineer, shared MDM mobile device management system


The CPDC conference featured a software and hardware product experience area where the software and hardware solutions of CP could be seen. In addition to APOLLO GEN2, TANK GEN2, SPRING GEN2, and other hardware products, MDM remote management is also available.

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