CEO Message: CPDEVICE's Top 5 Priorities for the Year 2022

During CPDEVICE's third anniversary celebration on September 27, 2021, our CEO, Yi Xiang, outlined his vision for the company's top priorities in 2022, which are crucial to drive growth and sustainable success.
Yi Xiang, CEO of CPDEVICE, shares his vision for the company's growth and success during the third anniversary celebration.

1. Fostering Corporate Dynamism and Embracing Collaboration

Yi emphasizes the importance of 'combating external uncertainties with internal corporate dynamism' as the backbone of our team development strategy. Corporate vitality is the willingness and ability to explore new opportunities, refine strategy, and achieve sustainable growth. In this rapidly changing world, companies face evolving customer demands, shorter product life cycles, and relentless technological advancements. By nurturing corporate vitality and embracing collaboration within our ecosystem, we can secure win-win situations with our supply chain partners and customers, ensuring growth and competitiveness.

2. Streamlining Processes in R&D, Production, and Quality Control

We prioritize the establishment and constant optimization of standardized processes across administration, R&D, production, and service. Standardized processes bridge gaps between departments, enabling individuals to excel in their roles while driving professionalism. CPDEVICE will continue to develop standardized processes in 2022, ensuring each department operates efficiently and effectively.

3. Expanding Our Reach in Global Markets

We recognize the immense potential of the global market for CPDEVICE, as the world transitions to Industry 4.0. With companies worldwide participating in this trend, challenges and opportunities arise. We are committed to seizing these opportunities, providing exceptional services to customers globally.

4. Strengthening Our Marketing and Sales Team

To realize our development strategy, CPDEVICE will bolster its marketing and sales team to meet the demands of expanding global opportunities and maintaining leadership in the Chinese mainland market. By placing every team member in a position to maximize their potential, we will enhance efficiency, agility, and overall contribution to CPDEVICE's strategic goals.

5. Investing in 5G-Based Technology Applications

5G technology is revolutionizing communication and transforming our lives. As our products find applications across numerous industries, our customers require faster wireless communication. To meet these demands, CPDEVICE is dedicating significant resources to 5G-based technology applications in 2022. This investment will strengthen our core competitiveness and propel us towards achieving our strategic business objectives.
As CPDEVICE enters its fourth year, we must collectively strive to implement these five strategies and realize our strategic targets. Let's join forces to shape the bright future of CPDEVICE together!
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