CPDEVICE Rugged Vehicle Tablet: A Breakthrough in Precision Agriculture Applications

In 2023, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China and the State Council issued opinions on the key tasks for comprehensively promoting rural revitalization in 2023, marking the 20th Central No. 1 document guiding "agriculture, rural areas, and farmers" work in the 21st century. The document introduced a series of significant policies, including support for the application of Beidou intelligent monitoring terminals and assisted driving systems in agriculture. This is the first time the Beidou system has been included in a Central No. 1 document at the national policy level, reflecting the high importance the country places on agricultural modernization and rural revitalization.

01 Seizing the Farming Season, Busy Preparing for Plowing, Precision Positioning Shows Its Skills

As spring arrives, the earth gradually awakens from its "winter slumber," and all over the country, efforts are being made to engage in the busy and orderly work of spring plowing and seeding. Today's agricultural production has evolved from "manual labor" to "technical work," shifting from reliance on "watching the weather" to depending on "technology." In the various stages of farming, from spring plowing and summer weeding to autumn harvesting and winter storage, the application of high-tech has made agriculture more intelligent and modern. Among these technologies, the application of high-precision positioning technology in agricultural production has been particularly effective.


For years, agricultural machinery equipped with CPDEVICE's high-precision and durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets has been operating across the country's fields, providing precise, centimeter-level "high-precision positioning services" for the cultivation, seeding, fertilization, pesticide spraying, and transportation of many crops. With the support of CPDEVICE's durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets, agricultural operations have achieved unmanned operations and scheduling, effectively reducing labor costs and significantly improving production efficiency. Real-time, centimeter-level precision, durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets, and flexible, customizable agricultural human-machine interaction software and hardware solutions have brought revolutionary changes to agricultural production. Compared to traditional manual operations, CPDEVICE's durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets equipped with high-precision positioning services not only achieve ±2cm positioning accuracy but also provide 24/7 continuous location data, unaffected by weather conditions.



Furthermore, CPDEVICE's durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets also feature high computing power, high reliability, and high availability. In practical applications, they can be used in unmanned agricultural machinery and special vehicles for unmanned spraying. They help users achieve goals of saving labor, time, and effort, laying a solid foundation for increasing agricultural production and income.

02 Ensuring Seeding, Uniform Planting, Precision Planting Springs into Action

Automatic/assisted driving systems for agricultural machinery have always been one of the main characters of spring, making precision planting a reality. As the core intelligence of the automatic/assisted driving systems for agricultural machinery, CPDEVICE's durable vehicle-mounted smart tablets can be equipped with various high-precision modules, allowing agricultural machinery equipped with the tablets to automatically travel on predetermined routes and precisely control the spacing between rows according to the optimal growing spaces of various plants.

CPDEVICE's automatic seeding and monitoring equipment can seed at fixed quantities and distances according to the growth requirements of plants and monitor the seeding process, minimizing missed seeding and seed waste to the greatest extent. CPDEVICE's precision agriculture software and hardware solutions can provide continuous, stable operation support for agricultural machinery, greatly improving the quality and efficiency of spring planting operations.

03 Testing Soil, Applying Fertilizer Accordingly, Precision Fertilization Boosts Income

In precision agriculture, the determination of soil data and precise fertilization and pesticide application are crucial not only for the annual yield of plants but also for directly affecting the long-term reuse rate of the land. Today, more and more Chinese research institutions and companies are exploring this topic, resulting in many applicable technological achievements. The capability of vehicle-mounted smart terminals to collect real-time soil data, perform edge computing, and directly conduct quantitative fertilization and pesticide application during operations is a significant test.

CPDEVICE's new generation durable vehicle-mounted smart tablet, APOLLO 12 PRO, is such an "all-around warrior." It not only comes with high-precision positioning capabilities but also has 1Tops computing power, meeting the edge computing needs for data and image processing.

Moreover, APOLLO 12 PRO supports CPDEVICE's self-developed CP ISOBUS VT, making it compatible with all VT-equipped agricultural implements, facilitating precise fertilization for every inch of land by connecting the communication channels of agricultural implements.



As national policies actively promote it, the demand for automated machinery in agricultural production is also growing. CPDEVICE continues to innovate in technology and application breakthroughs, working with partners to create more customizable solutions that better meet the needs of agricultural users, and deeply cultivating the innovative application of precision agricultural automation technology. Technology supports agriculture without delaying farming operations.


CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, focusing on the intelligent transformation of agriculture, engineering, and logistics machinery as its development direction. By serving thousands of industry customers, CPDEVICE Technology provides professional software and hardware solutions for the intelligent transformation of machinery, striving for the comprehensive intelligent evolution of machines.

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