Innovation, Communication, Progress: A Grand Success of the 2024 CPDevice Global Developers Conference

From June 21st to 22nd, 2024, the 2024 CPDevice Global Developers Conference (CPDC 2024) was successfully held in Shenzhen. As a significant event in the field of human-computer interaction, the conference attracted industry developers from Germany, Italy, Russia, Turkey, Bulgaria, and a large number from China.

The CPDevice Global Developers Conference is held biennially, with its inaugural session held in October 2022 in Shenzhen, establishing a platform for exchange in the field of human-computer interaction and receiving widespread acclaim from developers and partners. Compared to its first edition, CPDC 2024 saw a fourfold increase in attendance, marking significant qualitative advancements in both influence and practical content.

Themed "Simple Development, Easy To Apply," this year's conference featured events such as office and factory visits, programming competitions on June 21st, and an industry forum on June 22nd.


01. Exploring CPDevice's Product Development and Production Management in Shenzhen

On the opening day, guests visited CP Device Co., Ltd in Shenzhen. At the exhibition area, attendees immersed themselves in a range of high-end in-vehicle intelligent terminal devices, including the newly launched CPDevice Apollo 12 Plus, a high-end in-vehicle intelligent tablet featured by display ECU with multi-screen and touch. Guests also experienced the rich and efficient user interface of CP APP, CP SDK, and CP MDM remote device management platform. Through exploded diagrams, they gained insights into the components of CPDevice's classic products, gaining a comprehensive understanding of CPDevice's products and technologies.

Subsequently, guests toured the CPDevice standardization production line, where they learned about CPDevice's quality control system through explanations of key position responsibilities, operational procedures, and demonstrations of CPDevice's in-house MES and SN traceability systems. CPDevice's product development and production processes incorporate distinctive quality control features, derived from years of understanding customer application scenarios and deeply exploring customer needs.


02. International Programmers Converge at CPDC 2024 Programming Competition

The CPDevice Global Developers Conference programming competition commenced on June 21st at 13:30. Excellent programmers from Italy, Russia, and China participated.

The competition aimed to promote the application of CPSDK, showcasing its robustness and ease of use for practical applications. Participants used CPDevice Spring 10 Plus Gen 2 and Apollo 7A Gen 2 rugged vehicle-mounted intelligent tablets to complete designated tasks via communication methods such as CAN bus and serial ports. Programs needed completion within three hours, with winners judged on functionality and, in case of ties, on speed.

After three hours of intense competition, programmers from Italy, Russia, and China emerged as the champions, runners-up, and second runners-up of the CPDC 2024 programming competition. On June 22nd, CPDC 2024 awarded the winners a total prize of 20,000 RMB.


03. CPDC 2024 Main Forum: A Grand Event of Industry Applications and Technical Exchange

On June 22nd, 2024, the CPDevice Global Developers Conference (CPDC 2024) main forum commenced.

The forum's sharing sessions included detailed presentations by CPDevice's technical personnel on the performance of CPDevice products, along with leading figures from Huace Navigation, OMSI Software & Controls, and Luli Technologies discussing cutting-edge applications of CPDevice's software and hardware products.

CPDevice founder and CEO Yi Xiang welcomed all partners and programmers attending CPDC 2024, citing the quote from "The Analects of Confucius," "Isn't it a pleasure to have friends come from afar?" to express warm greetings to all guests. Yi Xiang then outlined CPDevice's current market strategies, aiming to surpass 1,000 specific application scenarios to serve more customers and end-users globally.


3.1 Global Release of CPDevice's New High-End Intelligent Tablet, Apollo 12 Plus

At the forum, CPDevice's Chief Hardware Designer Zhang Jinxin unveiled the Apollo 12 Plus, a new high-end intelligent tablet featuring dual screens with distinct displays and touch capabilities. This product supports both Android and Linux dual systems, allowing flexible multi-window interface switching between its two 12-inch displays, supporting up to 8 windows concurrently. With 1Tops computing power, the Apollo 12 Plus excels in entry-level AI applications, boasting superior 2D/3D graphic image processing capabilities. It also supports communication methods such as 4G/5G and gigabit vehicle-mounted Ethernet, with its 4-channel SocketCAN achieving 85% frame retention under load.

Wang Jin, General Manager of Luli Technologies in Guangdong, followed with a presentation on their experiences using CPDevice's intelligent hardware in the field of visual sensing, showcasing applications of CPDevice's human-computer interaction solutions in the next phase of intelligent development.


3.2 CPSDK Global Release: Simplified Development, Convenient Applications

At the inaugural CPDC in 2022, CPDevice's Director of Research and Development and Chief Software Architect Li Jiong first introduced the CPComm inter-process communication architecture, receiving wide acclaim and adoption. At CPDC 2024, Li Jiong presented CPSDK, including CPComm 2.0, showcasing its comprehensive capabilities.

CPSDK is a complete software development kit for CPDevice device hardware interfaces, encompassing CPComm (CPDevice communication library), CPMedia (CPDevice multimedia library), and CPUtils (CPDevice system utility library), covering all aspects of platform software interfaces. It offers advantages such as high performance, cross-platform compatibility, ease of use, easy maintenance, easy expansion, and comprehensive documentation. Regardless of hardware interface implementation, CPSDK defines a unified set of object interfaces based on actual functionality, enabling customers to quickly deploy all device functionalities based on their understanding of the origin of things, truly embodying the concept of "simple development, convenient applications."

OMSI, a renowned "century-old store" from Italy, has been collaborating with CPDevice for five years. Paolo Visieri, Senior Software Engineer at OMSI, shared diverse industry applications from agriculture to industrial sectors in the European market, demonstrating CPDevice's ability to provide stable system foundations and a variety of high-performance middleware, covering application characteristics across industries and niche markets with standard and efficient solutions.


3.3 Comprehensive Upgrade of CPDevice MDM

The fully upgraded CPDevice MDM remote device management platform 3.0 was launched in the second half of the CPDC forum.

Liu Jun, Head of Smart Agriculture R&D at CHCNAV, shared their team and enterprise's comprehensive improvements in cost control, manpower control, and user experience after fully adopting CPDevice MDM to manage remote devices.


Building upon Liu Jun's presentation, CPDevice MDM Architect Zhang Guodong highlighted enhancements in product key performance indicators to handle the dual surge of device access and invocation.

  1. Nacos Configuration and Registration Center

  2. SpringCloud Service Cluster

  3. Refined message topics, business decoupling

  4. DB cluster

  5. Real-time graphical monitoring, high flexibility threshold alert, combined with DingTalk for real-time notifications

  6. API request average time within 200ms. Stable support for 100,000+ devices online simultaneously

  7. Real-time control CPU usage 10%-30%


Zhang Guodong also shared his team's development of new MDM features over the past year, critical in supporting product competitiveness.

  • Logo online production

  • Background image management

  • Product documentation library

  • SIM card management

  • SSH

  • Firmware customization


3.4 CP APP Makes Headlines: Highly Anticipated

CP APP, widely acclaimed in the market, made its debut, presented by CPDevice's software director, Du Feiwu. CP AVM 360° surround-view imaging, achieved through algorithmic stitching of four cameras, when paired with CPDevice's vehicle-mounted intelligent tablet, delivers excellent 2D/3D surround-view imaging. CP DMS monitors and remotely transmits driver's poor driving behaviors using an infrared camera and CPDevice's vehicle-mounted intelligent tablet, providing effective safety measures for harsh operational environments such as mines. Apart from APP forms, CPDevice software products also provide SDKs, offering various conveniences tailored to customer development and integration needs.

CP ISOBUS VT, the most challenging and longest development time in CP APP, also garnered significant attention. CP ISOBUS VT is crucial in precision agriculture, utilizing universal human-computer interaction devices in the cabin to control agricultural machinery, facilitating precise automation operations. Du Feiwu showcased examples of adapting CP ISOBUS VT interfaces to various branded agricultural machinery, revealing CPDevice as the sole domestic ISOBUS VT manufacturer with complete autonomy over core protocol content.



The CPDevice Global Developers Conference has successfully concluded, with overseas developers expressing: "Miracles are happening on this rapidly developing and pragmatic innovation land of China," drawing them to enhance interactions with Chinese manufacturers and developers. CPDevice aims to continue promoting continuous advancements in the human-computer interaction industry and iterating on technology and applications through biennial CPDC events, thereby injecting vitality into the human-computer interaction industry.


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