Following the Footsteps of Spring Farming: The Power of CPDEVICE SPRING 10 GEN2

As the spring equinox brings lush greenery, it's the prime time for farming.

With the return of spring to the earth, spring farming begins around the globe, playing a crucial role in the annual harvest. Only by ensuring the orderly progress of spring farming can we lay a solid foundation for agricultural harvests and further ensure regional food security.

01 Global Spring Farming Situations

China's Spring Farming Situations

According to the spring farming situations over the past two years, most farming areas in China have gradually started their spring farming activities from late February, continuing from south to north until mid-May. It is expected that the main spring planting period in southern South China will be from late February to early March; central and northern South China, south-central Yunnan, the Sichuan Basin, and the central and eastern regions of the Northwest will enter the spring planting season from early to mid-March; the spring planting periods in Jiangnan, Jianghan, Jianghuai, most of the Southwest, and southern Xinjiang will be from late March to early April; the Yellow River, Huabei, southern parts of the Northeast, and northern Xinjiang will mainly have their spring planting period in mid to late April; while some farming areas in the northern part of the Northeast will start in mid to early May.


Major crops planted during spring in China include rice, wheat, maize, soybeans, cotton, rapeseed, and peanuts, which hold significant positions in China's agricultural production. Depending on climate, soil, and other factors, the structure and timing of planting vary. Thus, appropriate crops are selected based on local conditions to optimize agricultural layout and improve crop yield and quality.

Spring Farming Situations in Other Major Agricultural Countries

Comparing to domestic agriculture, in Southeast Asia, countries like Vietnam, Laos, and Myanmar start their spring farming from January to April, which is the rainy season suitable for crop growth in the region. In countries like India and Thailand, due to geographical and climatic differences, the farming seasons are distinct; in India, crops are mainly planted in three seasons: summer (March to July), autumn (July to October), and winter (October to the following March) with main crops being rice, maize, and soybeans. However, due to lower levels of mechanization, agricultural production efficiency is relatively slower. In the Americas, spring farming usually takes place from March to June. The United States, Canada, and Argentina are among the world's leading grain-producing and exporting countries. In the US, the Midwest is the main agricultural production area, known as the "granary", exporting corn, wheat, soybeans, cotton, canola, potatoes, tomatoes, and other agricultural products at the forefront globally.

02 CPDEVICE Empowers Spring Planting with the Power of Technology

In 2023, the total production of large, medium, and small tractors in our country reached 551,783 units, with agricultural machinery sales hitting 225,858 units. This reflects to some extent the level of agricultural mechanization in our country. With the advancement of agricultural modernization, more and more farmers begin to use automated products on agricultural machinery.

In 2023, the Beidou terminals for agricultural machinery automation and the auxiliary driving systems confirmed subsidies for 112,400 sets; and in the same year, CPDEVICE's Beidou terminal products were shipped over 110,000 units in the domestic agricultural machinery industry, among which the most classic product is the CPDEVICE SPRING 10 Gen2.

CPDEVICE SPRING 10 Gen2 Features

  • Supports DMS driver monitoring system
  • Supports CP AVM 360° surround view imaging
  • Supports CP ISOBUS VT
  • Supports MDM mobile device remote management platform
  • Features CPDEVICE’s proprietary CPComm cross-process high-speed bus architecture

High Sensitivity and High-Speed Communication Support

  • Supports 4G wireless communication transmission
  • Supports up to 2 CAN channels
  • Optional meter-level / sub-meter-level / centimeter-level positioning boards
  • One Ethernet port

Unmatched Reliability

  • IP65 level protection
  • Supports up to 4 camera channels
  • Three 12V DC external power supplies
  • 5-36V DC input
  • Boot ignition ACC status detection
  • Operating temperature: -30°C to +70°C, humidity: 0% - 90% RH; Storage temperature: -40°C to +85°C

03 CPDEVICE's Commitment to "New" Agricultural Technology

A single grain sown in spring reaps thousands in autumn. Agricultural seasons wait for no one, and spring farming is a busy time. With the progress of agricultural modernization, spring farming no longer merely involves traditional agricultural activities but encompasses agricultural technological innovation, mechanization, and information technology, contributing to efficient and high-quality agricultural production. CPDEVICE is moving towards efficient, environmentally friendly, labor-saving, and increased agricultural directions. The advent of vehicle-mounted intelligent tablets is aimed at solving issues of low agricultural efficiency and insufficient manpower, thus aiding in the modernization of agriculture.


CPDEVICE Technology was officially established on January 29, 2018, focusing on the intelligent transformation of agriculture, engineering, and logistics machinery. Through serving thousands of industry customers, CPDEVICE provides professional hardware and software solutions, striving for the comprehensive intelligent evolution of machinery.

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