CPDEVICE Launches Its Brand New Spring 10 GEN2 PRO


The new "Spring 10 GEN2 PRO," a member of the Spring series, has arrived, combining 5G communication technology and the capabilities of lightweight artificial intelligence applications. This device takes a significant stride forward in CPDEVICE's green product strategy, embodying our pursuit of "high-tech, high usability, high stability, low power consumption, low cost, and sustainable development." Join us in exploring this new technological titan.

CPDEVICE's hardware products follow two distinct paths of development. The first, our blue product roadmap, showcases our unyielding dedication to product performance and technological innovation. Equally important, we adhere to our green product roadmap, reflecting our commitment to continual refinement and sustainable development. On this path, we've unveiled our SPRING series, from the first-generation SPRING launched in 2021 to today's SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO. We consistently upgrade and enhance our products, delivering the finest technology to our customers.

Embracing the green development roadmap, we strive to boost product performance through precise product definition and premium-quality materials, while maintaining the same pricing. The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO, launched today, stands as the undisputed flagship product on our green development path. Let's explore its highlights.


01 Empowered with a high-capacity processor

With software development across sectors growing increasingly complex, and data transmission volumes expanding, the SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO is outfitted with a next-generation processor boasting 1T of computing power. This includes a dedicated 0.8T NPU suitable for lightweight AI applications. Additionally, its GPU performance has been significantly improved, supporting hardware acceleration, and hardware encoding and decoding. Beyond its compatibility with OpenGL ES1.1/2.0/3.2, the processor also supports Vulkan to meet the demands for real-time rendering and visual real-time processing in application development.

02 Featuring ISOBUS VT

ISOBUS application and development in China has historically lagged behind overseas markets due to limitations in technological accumulation, standardization, and market and financial resources. CPDEVICE is proactively addressing these challenges, having completed research and development on ISOBUS. The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO incorporates the CP ISOBUS VT based on ISOBUS, enabling easy adaptation to all farming equipment with VT functionality from various manufacturers with a single CPDEVICE smart tablet.

03 Equipped with an optimized CAN bus capability

The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO exhibits exceptional CAN bus capabilities, supporting up to four 250K/500K CAN channels. It can seamlessly integrate with vehicle systems, satisfying various bus data transfer requirements and supporting multi-channel HD video streaming.

04 Provides centimeter-level high-precision positioning

The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO supports MXT906B, UM980, P20E, and UM982, achieving real-time high-precision positioning for the device. This offers precise time and location information for machine operation and assists in accomplishing high-precision tasks in real-time.

05 4G/5G communication enabled

The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO utilizes CPDEVICE's Ultra-Link technology. Built on CPDEVICE's proprietary in-house antenna, it optimizes the device's EMI design, ensuring that devices in low-density, weak signal coverage areas can secure high-quality communication signals. The application of Ultra-Link technology in the Spring 10 GEN2 PRO greatly ameliorates signal interruption issues in remote and sparsely populated areas.

06 Superior reliability

Vehicle-mounted intelligent hardware must maintain stable operation in a range of challenging conditions, including wet, dusty, windy, sandy weather, heavy rain, vibration, and extreme temperatures and humidity. The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO has passed rigorous reliability tests, boasting an IP65 protection level, compliance with the MIL-STD-810 standard, and the ability to endure a 48-hour salt spray test. It is thus well-equipped to adapt to a variety of complex operating environments.

07 Easy software development

CPDEVICE's CP-Comm component-based high-speed bus architecture enables simplified software development. Based on its wealth of hardware bus, CP-Comm establishes a plug-and-play bus system, facilitating secondary development by users. With its high performance, cross-platform capabilities, modular structure, and easy expandability, developers can simply choose matching software components based on their hardware platform and complete communication programming in just four steps.

By following the green development path, we persist in our commitment to enhancing product performance through a precise product definition and high-quality materials, always striving for more without an increase in price. The SPRING 10 GEN2 PRO, unveiled today, is a shining exemplar of our green development strategy, and rightfully earns its title as the new "machine king."






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