CPDEVICE Honored as


CPDEVICE Honored as "Golden Supplier" at CHCNAV 2023 Supplier Conference: A Recognition of Excellence and Partnership

On May 12th, the 2023 CHC Navigation Supplier Conference was held in Shanghai, China. The year 2023 marks a significant milestone for CHC Navigation (CHCNAV), as it celebrates 20 years of providing innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions. This event gathered nearly 300 suppliers from different corners of the globe, all of whom are integral contributors to CHCNAV's innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions. Among the invitees, CPDEVICE was recognized and honored as a "Golden Supplier".

On May 12th, the 2023 CHC Navigation Supplier Conference was held in Shanghai, China.

CHC Navigation stands as an innovator and prominent force in the realm of geomatics technologies. Since its establishment in 2003, CHCNAV has been dedicated to creating innovative GNSS navigation and positioning solutions to make customers' work more efficient. Today, with a vast global presence across 120 countries and the support of over 1,700 devoted employees, CHCNAV maintains its position as a worldwide leader in various sectors such as geospatial, construction, agriculture, and marine.

Jason, CEO and founder of CPDEVICE, on stage delivering a speech on the company's collaborations with CHCNAV at the CHCNAV 2023 Supplier Conference.

CPDEVICE's invitation to the conference and subsequent recognition as a "Golden Supplier" is a testament to the successful partnership between CPDEVICE and CHCNAV that began in 2018. Jason, the founder and CEO of CPDEVICE, was invited to share our journey. Since our collaboration, procurement volume has seen a steady annual compound growth rate of 40%. This growth can be attributed to the constant dialogue and active collaboration between CPDEVICE and CHCNAV in identifying and implementing improvements across various aspects, including enhancing quality, reducing cost, and ensuring timely delivery. We firmly believe that our future cooperation with CHCNAV will continue to progress in the direction of higher quality, lower cost, and more flexible delivery.

Jason, CEO of CPDEVICE, on stage receiving the Golden Supplier award along with other recognized suppliers at the CHCNAV 2023 Supplier Conference.

As one of China’s leading vehicle mount computer manufacturers, CPDEVICE has always been at the forefront of designing, developing, and manufacturing cutting-edge vehicle mount computers for various industries. Our products have found application in over ten different industries, including precision farming, construction machinery control, smart mining, and smart transportation. In 2022, we unveiled four all-new models to the market, reflecting our commitment to continuous product upgrade and innovation.

Our most significant achievement, however, lies in our relentless pursuit of product quality and manufacturing excellence. We believe that maintaining high product quality and manufacturing excellence is the best way to earn our customers' trust. To ensure our customers receive the products as advertised, we have invested heavily in upgrading our production and quality control systems and establishing scientific quality control methods.

The "Golden Supplier" award is not just an honor; it's an affirmation of CPDEVICE's dedication to high-quality products, innovative solutions, and strong partnerships. We look forward to fostering our relationship with CHCNAV and continually providing our customers with top-tier vehicle mount computers and solutions.

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